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Pokpok ng pinas 5 years ago
It's good to have a fuck with pay.. You enjoy and earn money at the same time. Di katulad ng iba paiyutin na nga libre pa atleast kung my bayad nasasarapan ka na, nagkakapera ka pa
awtsu 6 years ago
Not all filipinos are sluts. Idiot.
1 month ago
young girl
1 month ago
can we have sex
Napaka sarap 2 months ago
Don Balandi
Nerd 3 years ago
Filipino slut is make me horny
Egyptian black man 3 months ago
Thanks Philippines for all women u give me.
Anyone no have fucke with Philippines girls that's mean you no have fucke all your life..
Mia shall fatom Raha I can't remember how many but I never forget I have good memories at this contry. Thanks Philippines for all happy you give me ️
On my way 7 months ago
Passport is coming an then I'm heading over on vacation
lover 6 years ago
damn hot filiponos
Hoe 6 years ago