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brainy tardy 3 years ago
sometimes I wonder how I end up here
Juggaloman2 7 years ago
Sometimes I bump into shit on the internet and I think, I would have been better off if I didn't see it, but it's whatever. No, this is just a terrible, terrible idea. They better have made a few thousands dollars a piece, minimum. Not worth it at all.
porn is so awesome 8 years ago
man Wtf what is she thinking
Stop 3 years ago
This is fucking disgusting
WHAT 9 years ago
Who does that **it!.It's horrible!
Uhm 3 years ago
Sigh where's my pills
that was hot 2 years ago
This just replaced Frozen as my favorite movie.
Anon 3 years ago
Okay.. what the fuck.. I’m so done..
Huh 9 years ago
Wtf who staples their fucking nips and pussy??????
jake 9 years ago
What the fuk?